history of chauhan dynasty
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  • The founder of Chauhan dynasty in Ranthambore was Govinda Raj. He was a son of Prithviraj III and therefore, it has relation to Shakambhari Chahamana family (Chauhans of Ajmer).
  • He was succeeded by Vallabhdev (Valhan/Balhan).
  • In 1226 A.D., the Ranthambore fort was captured by Delhi Sultan Iltumish.
  • The last and Famous Chauhan ruler of Ranthambore was Hammirdev. He followed the footsteps of his forefather Prithviraj III and won around 16 number of battles. He also organized a ‘Koti Yagya’.
  • Hammir also wrote a book by himself called ‘Shringaar Haar’.
  • Nayanchand Suri was another famous scholar of his time.
  • He built Chattri of 32 pillars in Ranthambore Fort in remembrance of his father Jai Singh.
  • The fort of Ranthambore was attacked twice by Delhi Sultan Allaudin Khilji but he remained unsuccessful.
  • Jalaluddin Khilji in 1291, had to return because of smart preparation by Hammir and fathomless structure of the Fort.
  • Hammir Singh helped and gave shelter to Mohammad Shah of Mongol. This infuriated Allaudin Khilji and he send his commanders Ulugh and Nusrat Khan with a large infantry to demand for Muhammad Shah in 1299.
  • They offered 10,000 gold coins, 300 horses and 4 Elephants and marriage of Hammir’s daughter Devaladevi with . But these proposals were rejected.
  • Hammir Dev Chauhan’s army defeated his enemies and killed Nusrat khan.
  • In 1301, Allaudin Khilji attacked again and defeated Hammir by tricking his men Ratipal and Ranmol and included them in his team.
  • Death of Hammir dev led to ‘Johar’ conducted by Rani Rangidevi and other ladies in the fort while men conducted Saka.
  • It is considered as first Saka of Rajasthan and first Jal Johar too.
  • Description of these incidents are mentioned in works of Hammir Mahakavya by Jaichand Suri and Hammir Raso by Jodhraj (Sarangdhar).
  • In 1301, Allaudin Khilji acquired the Ranthambore Fort and gave it to Ulugh Khan.
  • Amir Khusrao, a famous historian, was present with Alludin Khilji during this battle.

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