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  • In Marwar region, there is an area between land and maand.
  • It is called as Tharda because this place was rules by Thardia Rajputs.


  • Fresh water deep wells.


  • Smaller than a pond in size, stores fresh rainwater.
  • A major source for animals and birds to drink water.
  • In Hindi, it is called as Pokhar.


  • The deepest level of the ground inside a pond which connects it to the crust of the earth.
  • People worship it and sow a plant called paiya.
  • It is believed that by doing so Sarpdev (Snake) do not harm people who use that pond.


  • It is made for bulls and camels to walk around the well to draw water.


  • A path through which underground water flows.


  • It is flowing underground water which is digged and water is directed into wells through seer.

            Gadiasar Pond

  • It is located in Gadiasar on Pokhran- Badmer route.
  • Sonargarh fort of Jaisalmer is also nearby.
  • It was built by Maharaval Jaishal in 1156 A.D.
  • It is named after Maharaval Gadisar who was attacked by Jasod’s Bhatis. They had slashed his head off.
  • There are beautiful ghats built around it. The entrance gate is beautifully decorated.
  • At the back side of the temple, there are temples, Dharamshalas, Padsa, small gardens have been constructed.
  • A Jalmahal and some Chhatries (ciborium) is built inside the pond.

            Baiji Ro Talab

  • Wife of Maharaja Jagat Singh of Jaipur, Sirekanwar Baiji built this pond in Jodhpur near the kot of Jalori darwaza.
  • To bring water from far, canals were digged.
  • Sireshwar Mahadevwas built on her name at the foothill.
  • A huge temple of Sirebaiji was built on the banks of the Pushkarraj.

            Shivbadi Talab

  • It is situated in Bikaner.
  • Dungar Singh, son of the ruler Lal Singh, built this talab in memory of his father.

            Baap Talab

  • This pond is situated in a village called ‘Baap’ on the route of Jaisalmer and Bikaner.
  • It was earlier known as Bhaap because of the vapour/steam is formed over the pond.
  • This pond remains full of water throughout the year.
  • Megha, a shepherd is believed to be the constructor of it.
  • Two Chhatris, in remembrance of him and his wife has been built on the pal of the pond.

            Lakholav Talab

  • In Mundwa village of the Nagore district, it is located.
  • It is considered to be 900 years old.
  • There are seven ghats in the pond.
  • Its dimensions are – 40-60 ft. deep, 1 km long and half km wide.
  • There are temples of Giriraj and Barahdari and a garden of Vyasji near this pond.

            Sansolav Talab

  • Samoji, grandson of Saloji Rathi built this pond at the Nathusar Gate in Bikaner.
  • A chhatri in the middle of the pond and small chhatris and a temple built around it intensify the beauty of the talab.

            Swarupsagar Talab

  • Queen of Maldev – Jhaliji Swarupde got this pond constructed in Jodhpur.
  • It is also known as Bahuji ka Talab.

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