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The Chief Minister of the state Ashok Gehlot announced in the 2019-20 budget speech to establish ‘Rajasthan Jan-Aadhar Yojana’ to develop a system of ‘one number, one card, and one identity’. A Jan-Aadhar Authority will be constituted for independent functioning of the scheme. It was announced on 18th December,2019.


  • The scheme was announced on 18th December,2019 with following objectives:
  • To organize database of families residing in the state according to the demography and socio-economy.
  • To provide the families of the state with Proof of Identity and Proof of Address under ‘one number, one card and one identity’.
  • To use Jan-Aadhar or Aadhar card for verification of the beneficiaries and direct transfer the subsidiary; cash (Bank account) or non-cash benefits (at door steps).
  • To deliver e-commerce and insurance related facilities to residents, especially in rural areas, at door-step.
  • To bring the state-wide network of e-Mitra project under this authority and its jurisdiction for better functioning and responsibility.
  • To develop and boost the electronic and technical infrastructure in the state.
  • To encourage and empower women in the society and bring in the financial inclusion.
  • To determine the eligibility of the residents who receives benefits and service of the public welfare schemes.


  • As per the guidelines, all the resident families in the state are eligible under the scheme.
  • All the registered families to get a 10-digit unique family ID and 11-digit unique ID to individual including the Head of the family.
  • Jan Aadhar cards are printed and distributed to the beneficiary families.
  • An Administrative Report based on benefits transferred till now has been uploaded on Jan Soochna portal for Social Audit.
  • Benefits of 102 schemes such as PDS, MGNREGA, SSP, Ayushman Bharat, Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Swasthya Bima Yojana, JSY etc., are being transferred through Jan-Aadhar platform.
  • On 9th May,2020, the central government also recognized the Jan-Aadhar card as proof of identity and address document.
  • On 7th May, 2020, the government announced to inject Jan-Aadhaar Authority and its Executive Committee in the Constitution of Rajasthan.


  • The administration has established various set up for implementation of the scheme. They are as follows:
  • State Level- Planning Department is the central administrative department where Director-cum-Joint Secretary of Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES) is appointed as Budget Controlling Authority. Implementing Agency is Rajasthan Info Services Limited (RISL)
  • District Level- District Collector is the District Jan-Aadhaar Yojana Officer, the DD/AD, Economics & Statistics is the Additional District Jan-Aadhaar Yojana
  • Officer and ACP (DD) of DoIT&C as Additional District Jan-Aadhaar Yojana Officer


  • Block Level – SDM is the Block Jan-Aadhaar Yojana Officer, the BDO/BSO is the Additional Block Jan-Aadhaar Yojana Officer Programmer of DoIT&C as Additional Block Jan – Aadhar Yojana Officer (Technical)

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