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If we look at the history, the need to set up Central Public Service Commission was first put forward in 1923 by Lee Commission. But is didn’t emphasize on the establishment of provincial commissions. It was later enacted under Government of India Act,1935. But the decision to recruit and control working of the regional administrative service was left to the Provincial Governments. Before Independence, Public Service Commission had been there as independent institution at provincial level only in Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Bikaner states separately. Constitution of India has laid down procedure of establishing State Public Service Commission in Article 315. After independence, Rajasthan was created by merging of various princely states.

  • The head of the state declared formation of Rajasthan Public Service Commission on 16th August, 1949.
  • It came into effect after it got published in Rajasthan Gazette on 20th August, 1949.
  • The headquarter is situated in Ajmer.
  • Bhupendra Singh is the Chairman of the Commission.

          Article 315 to 323 mentioned in Part XIV of the Constitution deals with composition, role, functions etc.

  • Rajasthan State Public Service Commission includes 1 Chairman and 7 members. The number of members is fixed by the Governor of the state.
  • Appointment of Chairman and other members is done by the Governor.
  • All the members take oath before High Court Judge.
  • There is no need of specific qualification but one-half of the members are required to have served Central or State government for minimum 10 years.
  • Service period of the members is up to 6 years or till the age of 62, whichever comes first.
  • They can give their resignation to Governor.
  • Annual Report of the work is submitted to Governor, which he forwards to state legislature for discussion.
  • Removal of the chairman or the members is done by the President, under following circumstances:
  1. He/she is declared insolvent.
  2. He/she is involved in any paid work outside his or her official duty.
  3. If President find him or her incompetent for the service.
  4. President can take the matter of their misbehaviour to the Supreme Court.
  • Chairman or any member can be reappointed as Chairman for next term to UPSC or other state PSC only.

FUNCTIONS: They are similar to those of UPSC at central level

  • It is responsible to conduct examinations for state service recruitment.
  • As per the Regulation Act of 1951, the commission do not recruit for the post with basic salary less than Rs. 5000.
  • It advises on staff management in terms of notifying vacancy, selection method and principles to follow for civil posts, interview, promotion, transfer and their disciplinary matters.
  • To determine the salary and incumbents of posts.

DEPARTMENTS: There are 12 sub-divisions in the Rajasthan State Public Commission.

  • Administrative Division
  • Examination Division
  • Recruitment Division
  • Research and IT Division.
  • Finance Division
  • Secret Division
  • Fate Division
  • SLET Exam Divisions
  • Library Division
  • Communication Division
  • Receipt observation and non-gazetted personnel cell





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