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The Rural Non-Farm Development Agency (RUDA) was established in November 1995 by the Government of Rajasthan. It is a unique agency in the state to encourage rural micro-enterprises.It aims to create an alternative source of employment and generate incremental incomes.


RUDA is an independent and flexible organization that is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1958. It is a 14-year-old innovative, creative and professional agency.


A Governing Board to manage the functioning of RUDA is appointed by the State Government. The official members of the board include heads of various State corporations, financial institutions, etc.


  • RUDA looks into Non-Farm sectors in rural areas of the state.
  • It is the only agency of its kind to follow a sub-sectoral, integrated, and cluster based approach. It identifies micro sectors and develops specific strategies to promote that sector and make interventions according to the needs of the producers.
  • Examples of the sub-sectors are Leather, Wool & Textile, Minor-Minerals (Ceramics, Stones, and Pottery).
  • Recently, three sub-sectors, Handicraft, Khadi, & Village Industries, were added to the 10th Fiver Year Plan list.
  • It implements various interventions that include skill augmentation, technological development and dissemination, design and product development, credit, and market facilitation/support through organizing fairs and training camps.
  • These activities help provide sustainable employment to many artisans, weavers, potters, and stone sculptors.
  • The distinctive feature of the organization is that it provides sustainable income sources to people living in drought-prone areas of the state.
  • It works on the capacity building of the participating artisans working in different core sectors.


RUDA has attained GI tag for its unique crafts like Pokran Pottery, Blue Pottery, Kota Doria, Sanganer, and Bagru Handblock Prints under Intellectual Property Rights.


The State Plan Head is responsible for allocating funds for all the functioning and activities of RUDA. The head has announced a financial provision of Rs. 225 lakhs to benefit 1,500 artisans. Out of the given amount, Rs. 88.94 Lakhs has been incurred during the financial year 2020-2021.