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Lok Deviyan are also regarded as significant as Lok Devata in Rajasthan. They are worshipped in the form of raw stones and trees. It is believed they protect us from evil spirits and end our sufferings. In many communities these feminine powers are worshipped as Kul Devi.

Major Lok Deviyan:


  • She is regarded as protecting and guarding goddess of Yaduvanshi royal family of Karauli.
  • It is believed that she is the child of Devki and Vasudev to whom Kansa tried to kill. The baby girl flew into the sky and then took birth as Kaila Devi. She is worshipped as the incarnation of Durga.
  • Famous Lakkhi fair is organized every year on Chaitra Shukla Ashtmi on Trikut mouintain.
  • Bohara ki Chattri (Canopy) is situated at the opposite side of the temple.


  • In 16th century, Maharaja Man Singh infixed the idol of Shila Devi in royal palace of Amber to commemorate the victory against the ruler of East Bengal.
  • The statue is of Ashtabhuji Bhagwati Mahishasurmardini on which pictures of Panch Devtas are also inscribed.
  • Holy water and alcohol are given to the devotees.


  • Devi Karniji was born on Sudi Saptmi in Vikram Samvat 1444 in Swarup village of Bikaner.
  • The temple is located in Deshnok near Bikaner city.
  • She is also known as Goddess of rats.
  • Bikaner was founded after the blessings of Karni Mata.
  • The white-colored rats in the temple are known as Kaba. These are considered as predecessors of Chaaran community.
  • Karni Mata Fair is held in every Navratri in Deshnok which attracts large number of devotees around the world.


  • The temple of Jeen Mata is located on hills of Rewasa village of Sikar.
  • She is worshipped as Kul Devi of Chouhan.
  • Her temple was built on Harsha Mountain during the reign of Prithvi raj Chouhan.
  • Alcohol is offered to the deity.
  • Fairs is organized during Navratri in Ashwin month.


  • This religious spot is found in Udaipur Vati of Jhunjhunu.
  • Sakari Mata is kul devi of Khandelwals.
  • She is also known as Shakambhari Devi for relieving suffering of famine victims.
  • Two temples devoted to Shakambhari devi are situated in Sambhar of Rajasthan and Sahranpur of Uttar Pradesh respectively.


  • She is regarded as avatar of Durga.
  • Her temple at Bilada is made of marble.
  • It is also known as Kesar Jyoti temple because the saffron keeps dipping from the mystic flame of the lamp.
  • Sirvi group among Khastriya caste worship her as kul devi.
  • There is no idol but a photo-frame placed on a Than which is known as Bader.
  • The temple is also called as Dargah of Sirvi people.


  • She is worshipped in fragmented form.
  • It is believed that she protects children from small pox.
  • Her carrier is donkey whereas priest is a potter.
  • Sheel ki Doongri was built by Sawai Madho Singh in Chaksu.
  • Donkey fair is organized on every Sheetlashtami.
  • She is also known as Sedhal Mata.


  • The temple is situated in the foot hills of Barva Doongri in Rajgarh of Alwar.
  • It was constructed in the Pratihar style of architecture in 11th
  • She is deified as kul devi by the barber community.


  • In Jhunjhunu, a large temple of marble is devoted to Rani Sati.
  • Also known as Dadi ji.
  • A fair is held on Bhadrapad Amavasya when Rani Sati is worshipped along with other 13 satis of her family.
  • Originally known as Narayani Devi, was wife of Tanmandhan Das.


  • She is also known as Mahamaya who protects children.
  • People especially pregnant ladies worship her for safety and health of their child.


  • Awad Mata took birth in form of Hinglaj Mata.
  • She is given 52 names for her miraculous acts.
  • Chauhan dynasty regards her as their Kul-devi.
  • She is known as Shakambhari in Sambhar, Chamunda in Ajaymeru Merwara and Aasapura in Nadole.


  • Jal Mata temple is sited at Bavadi of Tonk.
  • She got this name after the idol was found in water of Bavadi.
  • The rulers of Bavadi state used to seek her blessing before going to war.



                   Bikaner                  Karni Mata
                   Jodhpur                  Nagdenchi (Chamunda)
                   Udaipur                  Baan Mata
                   Jaisalmer                  Swangiya Mata
                   Jaipur                  Jamwa Mata
                   Sikar                  Jeen Mata
                  Karauli                  Kaila Mata
                 Amber                 Shila Mata
                 Jobner                  Jwala Mata
                   Kota                Bhadana Mata

Tithi ki Deviyan:

CHAUTH MATA: Though women observe fast on each Chauth for 12 months, Karwa Chauth is the mostly celebrated. Ladies worship Chauth Mata to wish for longevity of their husband’s life.

CHHATH MATA: She is worshipped on the sixth day after the delivery of the child.

DASHA MATA: On Chaitra Dashmi, women listen the katha and worship Dasha mata for prosperity of life.

Rog Niwark Deviyan:

SATI MATA: The temple is located in Sanwad Fatehnagri. They say the sacred Devi cures hiccups.

CHEENK MATA: People visit her temple in Jaipur which is famous for relieving a person suffering from repeated occurrence of sneeze.

BHADANA MATA: It is believed that the female deity can save a person from ill effect of ‘Mooth’, a tantrik practice applied to kill the person. The temple is in Kota.

BADALI MATA: It is situated near Bedach river in Chittorgarh. It is said that a victim is taken through two rooms with three doors. It heals all his sufferings.

DADH MATA: The place is situated in Kota where she saves from Polio disease.

TANOTIA DEVI: The temple situated at border is well known for protecting Indian army soldiers during Indo-Pak war.


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